There are plenty of recreational rental companies out there however we are the only one that is specializing in big bike adventure touring. I have a hard time calling us a rental company when it feels more like your riding buddies lending you a bike. Casual check in and check out is key for us. We want you on the road/adventure asap so you can take advantage of every minute. Unlike most rental shops we can and will work with you on pick up and drop off times.  We are gearing up for this years riding season with more bikes and better accesories. We are putting together a data base of fun day rides and multiday routes. We hope that our clients will contribute to this as well. 

Our out of state / country riders will be happy to know that we love to help plan an adventure. Everything from where to stay when you land, rides to our shop. We will even drop bikes off at the airport so you can just get off the plane and go. Routes on and off road can be tailor made to your riding ability and desires. Preload GPS upon request. 

Give us a call, ask us your questions, find out what Utah’s terrain can offer you. 

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