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How old do I need to be to rent a motorcycle?
21 is the minimum age.
Do I need a motorcycle license?
Yes, you will need to show your valid motorcycle endorsement at the time you check the bike out. If you are from out of the country you will need your countries equivalent or a motorcycle license.
How much is the security deposit?
Damage deposit of $1500 taken when you pick up the bike. We accept visa/mastercard/amex and cash.
What if I crash on the motorcycle?
The order of events would be. - Take care of your injuries - Call the police if needed - Call us. You are responsible for all towing arrangements.
Is there insurance available for rental bikes?
Yes- we have a relationship with an insurance company that will insure you and the motorcycle for $15/day. The deductible is $2500. Your deposit will cover up to the first $1500 in damages but you are still responsible for the entire deductible and any costs that the insurance does not pay for.
Can I use my personal auto or motorcycle insurance?
We have not seen an auto policy or a credit card that will cover motorcycle rentals. We have seen a few personal motorcycle policies that carry over to the rental bikes. If you are planning to use a personal insurance policy please have your agent contact us so we can confirm the coverage.
Do you offer mid week or multi day discount
Yes- The longer your ride is the better price we can give you.
Do you offer one way rentals.
We have not figured out an economic way to offer one way rentals yet. We can explore options with you if you call with your travel plans.
Can a passenger ride on the motorcycle?
Yes - We do not have a policy against that but driver assumes all responsibility to be able to safely handle a passenger.
Can more then one driver share a bike?
Yes - Each will need to sign a rental agreement / wavier. The primary renter is responsible for the insurance and any damages. There is a $20/day charge for each additional driver and will need to be added to the insurance policy which is $15/day.
Where can I take the bike?
Anywhere you want. There are no mileage restrictions and no borders. We do ask you to let us know if you plan on leaving the country though.
Can I take the bike off road?
We encourage it. We want you to have an incredible adventure. We also want our bike back in one piece so be aware of you riding ability and know you will be responsible for all the damages.
What if I need to cancel or change my reservation?
With more then 30 days notice you will get your deposit back With only 15 days notice you will loose your deposit. Once within 14 days of your reservation you will be charged the full rental cost. If you arrive late or return early you will still be charge for the days you reserved.
Can I leave a car or extra luggage at your place?
Luggage yes, assuming it is not excessive - Parking is available for 2 days max.
Where do I fly into?
Salt Lake Citys international airport is only 20min away from us.
If I return the bike a day or two early will I be refunded?
No - Your reservation has tied the bike up for those days already and has prevented others from scheduling the bike. You will be charged for the entire amount that was originally reserved regardless of how much is used. The only exception to this is if you are making changes to the reservation more then 30 days in advance.

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